Here are a selection of my client testimonials

(names have been concealed to protect client confidentiality).

To me she is the greatest and I feel so lucky to have found her...

Before meeting Catherine I dreaded meals because of the pain and discomfort which usually followed. Since working with Catherine my life has changed and I look forward to my meals knowing what I can eat and what I need to avoid.

Catherine is a delightful lady with a wealth of knowledge on nutritional needs to share with her clients which she gives with empathy and kindness.


The improvement in my life is amazing....

I first consulted Catherine in May 2015 after suffering for many years with IBS and had got to the point where my life was quite restricted and I had become anxious about going out. Catherine's help in devising a dietary programme tailored to my needs has been invaluable and has made a huge difference. The improvement in my life is amazing and I am now able to go out without anxiety.


With her constant care, I now am now slimmer and healthier person...

"For many years I have been fighting a weight problem and having an under active thyroid did not help, until I contacted Catherine, who with the knowledge of my medical problems and likes and dislikes of various foods gave me a food regime that suited me and it worked wonders And with her constant care, I now am now slimmer and healthier person."


We can't thank Catherine enough for the positive effect she has made to our lives...

"My wife went to see Catherine for advice on a long-standing chronic condition which affected her diet and her health and energy in general. She came home saying that she had finally found someone who took her seriously and understood what she had been going through. She immediately cut some things out, added a few things and started on supplements recommended by Catherine. The very next day I saw a complete change in her.

It was a huge change for the better and she has never looked back. More energy, much more positive about food and a healthier ‘look’. We can’t thank Catherine enough for the positive effect she has made to our lives."


I have been truly amazed with the results so far...

"Over the years I have tried other therapists but gained very little in terms of results… until I met Catherine Jeans… Catherine’s response to my issues has been incredibly fast… within 6 months, my nutrition has improved, I am more alert, full of energy and I FEEL better… I would recommend Catherine to anyone in a heartbeat…. I have been truly amazed with the results so far.

I know I still have a long way to go but for the first time in 10 years, I actually believe there is light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel."

Swaffham, Norfolk

Within 3 weeks I felt like a different person!

"My partner heard Catherine Jeans on the local radio and suggested I go to see her. I had to complete paperwork about my symptoms and lifestyle for Catherine to study prior to my appointment. Catherine changed my diet and with 1 week I could feel the difference. Within 3 weeks I felt like a different person… with the bloating gone.

Although my tummy is not completely cured yet I know how to control flare ups and hope to be completely back to normal within a few months. I have bags of energy. I have lost 2 inches off my waist and even my long lost libido has returned!

I highly recommend Catherine Jeans, her knowledge is amazing. Thank you Catherine for making me feel wonderful."


Extreme Tiredness, Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

"Before I saw Catherine, I felt constantly tired and was struggling to get on with everyday life. I hadn’t realised that what I was eating was making such a huge impact on the way I was feeling.

Catherine helped me regain my energy with simple dietary recommendations that balanced my blood sugar levels. My morning sickness was also much better and after 2 meetings I really started to enjoy my pregnancy again."

Testimonial from Mind Mental Health Charity

"Catherine very kindly came to the Mind Carers Support Group to give us a talk on nutrition. This was gratefully received by all and the talk prompted questions on Diabetes and what the right kind of foods were to keep energy levels up. Catherine gave good, simple examples of combinations of foods to eat, particularly breakfast ideas to keep sugar levels from either dipping or soaring.

I felt much interest and enthusiasm was generated by the group with even talk of new ways of looking at food and perhaps changing diets. I feel for Carers, with busy schedules and daily routined responsibilities, small changes to their diet could be implemented to keep them energised throughout the day.

A great talk for anybody, but in this case great for Carers, who are unable to spend much time on themselves to think about diet.

Thank you Catherine."

Carer Support Worker for Mind

Relief from Digestive Discomfort

"I had one session with Catherine, and within a week thanks to her advice and help identifying the right food to eat my digestion was working wonderfully and have done so ever since.  It’s given me so much more confidence and control over my life, and I’m very grateful to her."


Teenager with IBS, Constipation

"My son was diagnosed with IBS and his painful constipation was really affecting his social life. Catherine very sympathetically understood his health problems and gave us a programme that continues to make such a positive impact on his life. She also suggested a stool test and we found out my son had parasites.

With Catherine’s help my son is so much better and can at last go out and lead a normal teenage life."

Client aged 14

Testimonial for my Fertility Team Programme, at The Orange Grove Clinic

After suffering for more than ten years with painful digestion and exhaustion, and trying every clinic, therapy, consultant, and even Harley Street to get better, I came to the Orange Grove, lead by Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans. My husband and I had also just been through a traumatic miscarriage and was told that I was probably infertile.

I write this now after a year of incredible tailored care, support and compassion - not only with fantastic energy and digestion, but also my beautiful four month old daughter in my arms.

I cannot recommend the team highly enough. Their passion, knowledge and experience is second to none.

It has been such a pleasure being looked after by the Orange Grove fertility team and guided by their brilliance. Without them I honestly know my dreams would not have come true. I owe them so much. Thank you.”



Feedback on Nutrition Training for Foster Carers

“Catherine’s training day for our foster carers on children’s nutrition was very comprehensive and inspirational. She covered a range of subject matters and has an excellent style of delivery. One of our carers emailed following the event saying how brilliant and fascinating the training had been and she had already implemented some of the techniques learned.”


I can't believe how good the results have been already!

“I just wanted to say thank you!! I've been on my nutritional plan now for 5 days and am following it exactly how you told me. I can honestly say I already feel amazing! I am not in any pain and the bloating and flatulence has gone. I'm also passing solid stools too which is great! I can't believe how good the results have been already. Oh, I've also lost 5 pounds too, so I am really pleased. Thanks, so much for your help!”


Big C Annual Volunteer Event Talk on Top 5 Cancer Fighting Foods

"Thank you for taking part in our Annual Volunteer Recognition Event.  Your talk was a huge hit with the volunteers and you contributed to an enormously successful day.  Thank you for all the effort you put in, it was a pleasure to have you and work with you.  Many thanks again.” 

Volunteer Development Manager, The Big C, Norfolk's Cancer Charity

I thoroughly recommend Catherine...

I am such a cynic that I don't believe cynics are cynical enough. I have little faith in the 'normal clinicians' so the alternative brigade have less than no chance of my believing in them. Well that all changed after one session with Catherine Jeans. I struggled with a bowel problem for years, following her advise results were almost immediate e.g. with a couple of days. Catherine is great and I thoroughly recommend her to you, she is the very best!


Vegetarian Workshop Feedback

Excellent nutrition workshop with clear information and lovely food to try!


The results were almost instant...

I have been suffering with digestive issues for as long as I can remember. At the age of 35, I decided that I could finally no longer tolerate the 5 lengthy loo visits a day, the tiredness, the brain fog or the general feeling of living life at 60% capacity, so having no luck with my GP (all tests came back normal) and following a bit of Google research, stumbled upon Catherine.

Catherine identified my problem (largely gut health related), explained it to me in a way that I could fully understand and set me up with a food plan and supplement program (most of which weren’t sold by the Orange Grove I would add, so not just a sales pitch).

It’s two months since that first appointment, the results from which were almost instant. I am much healthier, feel more energised, have a clear head (no more fog) and have much more normal ‘once a day’ trips to the loo. I can’t thank Catherine enough for her help and support and am looking forward to a healthy, happy future.


Following one of my Wellbeing workshops at BBC, Norfolk.

Staff told me, they found the workshop informative and very useful.

They were glad of the opportunity to access these sessions during their working day.

Some have already started making changes to their life having been to the workshop.


'Catherine provided a fantastic session about food - how we think about it, consume and its content. She was engaging and really helped me to understand about the impact of what we out into our bodies has on our lives'.


BBC, Norfolk

I no longer dread bedtime!
We both wish to thank you for all of your advice and guidance over the past months.... I am certainly feeling a benefit from the progress we have made so far. One big improvement is a consistent level of energy and a great night's sleep, I am happy to settle for one trip to the bathroom on the odd night, rather than waking and being alert three or four times a night and not being able to return to sleep. I no longer dread bed time.


She is like Google in human form

"I was really impressed by Catherine Jeans after attending 2 of her Sugar Detox nutritional workshops recently. She is like Google in human form when it comes to answering questions about food types, food preparation, digestion and healthy eating in general. Combined with a friendly and approachable demeanor, the application of her expert knowledge in relate-able real world contexts is the best I've ever come across."


Catherine is an absolute joy to work with . Her passion for nutrition ,sharing all her knowledge and recipes with others is infectious . Catherine’s presentations at the Health and wellbeing events for those living with cancer have been incredibly informative and inspirational . She is one super multitasker , whilst cooking nutritious food she shares loads of tips and answers any questions. The positive feedback from the events has been overwhelming

Many thanks Catherine for  delivering such fantastic workshops .

"A friend recommended Catherine to our family a few years ago. We are so grateful to her! Initially my sister, who had recently had Glandular Fever, saw Catherine and received really useful advice and help to aid her recovery. When my Dad was diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2014 we turned to Catherine again for support. With no real treatment available to Dad, diet and immune health are crucial to his well being. Catherine has a world of knowledge and experience at her finger tips and relays this in a way that is easy to understand and follow. At a time where changes to diet and lifestyle could be very overwhelming to my parents, Catherine consistently gives suggestions that are realistic and attainable. I am forever grateful."

To find out how nutritional therapy can help you and your family personally, please get in contact with me and I will be happy to discuss your specific health needs.

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