Nutrition coaching and consultations NorwichWould you like to experience long term optimal wellness?  

I offer Nutritional Therapy Coaching Packages, which include a series of consultations to empower you to achieve your health goals.  I’m not looking for quick fixes… I want to support you with bespoke professional nutrition coaching and advice that helps to boost your health, allowing you to get the best out of life and feel great.  This isn’t about striving for perfection… because not everyone has time for perfection.  My aim is to work with you to achieve the best possible health you can.

I am one of the most experienced Nutritional Practitioners in the UK, having worked with over 1000 clients during my years in practice.  Have a look at my testimonials page and you’ll see what my clients have to say.  If you would like to find out more about my approach to nutrition, have a look here.


I offer Nutrition Coaching to people all around the world, either via Skype, phone or from my clinic based in Norwich:  The Orange Grove Clinic.  I have appointments available on weekdays and some evenings.

I do often have a waiting list, so if I am not able to take on new clients you will be put onto my waiting list and my team will contact you as soon as an appointment is available.

To book your Nutrition Coaching Package, you can purchase from my online shop or give my clinic a call on 01603 631900.

Nutrition Coaching Packages

I offer a series of different packages to suit your individual health needs.  I am not able to offer individual appointments, because I have found with experience that this isn’t the best way for you to get the most out of my services.  I want to work with clients who are motivated to make long term change.  I’m here every step of the way, to guide, motivate and lead you to better health and wellbeing, so that you can achieve your health goals and more.

My aim is to educate you so that you’re able to carry on the work we’ve done for life… using food and good nutrition to help you to get the best out of your health.

Your coaching package will include ongoing support, motivation and the ability to check in with me regularly.  These are all essential tools on the road to long term health and optimal wellbeing.  I want you to be congratulated when you’re making positive changes, and recognise how your improved diet and lifestyle are positively affecting your health.

Getting the right diet and nutrition for life is a journey – and I want to make sure that you have all the tools you need to achieve long lasting health benefits.

Clinical Health Tests

As a highly trained and experienced nutritional therapist, I am also able to provide a range of clinical health tests, which can help to find out more about why you are not feeling your best and why your body may be out of balance. For more information about these non-invasive tests, go to the health tests page.

One Month Nutrition Package

This package is ideal for those who need advice on how to optimise their diet.  Perhaps you already have a fairly good diet, but you feel there could be some underlying imbalance which needs addressing.  Perhaps you’ve been losing weight steadily but have hit a plateau, or maybe you’re not sure how to keep your digestive system healthy.  You may be looking for advice to ensure your family are as healthy as they possibly can be, or perhaps you need help with energy levels and achieving your best possible health.  It may be that you want advice on preventing illness later in life, or reducing your risk of family health traits.

Nutrition in Norwich with Catherine JeansMy One Month package includes an initial consultation which lasts between one hour and 90 minutes.  This allows me to find out about you, your health goals and how you eat at the moment.  I’ll be finding out about all aspects of your health, and working with you on an initial plan of dietary changes and lifestyle guidance to support your specific health needs.

We’ll then have a follow up appointment of up to 45 minutes, around 2 weeks later.  I’ll review your progress, check on how you’re feeling and answer any questions you may have.  We’ll also go through more meal ideas and dietary changes to suit you, so that we continue to get your diet and lifestyle as healthy as we possibly can.  The month will end with a follow up phone consultation, of around 15 minutes, so that I can check on your progress and answer any questions you may have.

Package Price:  Includes initial consultation (1 hour to 90 mins) and 2 follow ups (45 mins and 15 mins)

£270 (payable before your coaching begins).  Book here.

Three Month Nutrition Coaching (Most Popular)

This package is a really cost effective way of experiencing ongoing support to ensure your diet creates optimal wellness, long term.

You’ll have 7 coaching sessions with me, at various times across the 3 months, depending on your specific needs.  If you’re looking to get yourself in the best possible shape you can, achieve optimal wellbeing and really find work out the best diet to suit you, then this package is ideal.

You’ll have an initial 90 minutes consultation, followed by a catch up session every couple of weeks of up to 30 minutes.  During the last month, we’ll check in every couple of weeks via Skype or phone for a 15 minute catch up, to ensure your ongoing success for the future.

Three Month Nutrition Coaching Package Price:  Includes 7 consultations:  1 x 90 mins, 3 x 30 mins, 3 x 15 mins.

£530 (payable before your coaching begins).  Book here. 

DNA testing Norwich NorfolkOptimal Wellness DNA and Nutrition Coaching Package:

A popular add on to the 3 month coaching package is The Comprehensive DNA test.  The results give us so much information about potential areas of weakness in your body and how it functions, so that we can look at supporting you with the right diet and nutrients needed to stay optimally well.

The Comprehensive DNA test examines what your genes are telling us about how your body could process toxins, how your metabolism works, how you process sugars, carbs, fat and protein, how you break down and process excess hormones and which nutrients you might be deficient in.  This extra information helps to create the most bespoke programme to suit your individual health needs.

If you’re one of those people who has always felt that your body needs extra support in a specific area, then this testing and coaching package is ideal.

You’ll have all the consultations included in the 3 month coaching package, but we’ll get your DNA test done before the initial consultation, so that I have all the information I need before your first appointment.

Package Price: Optimal Wellness DNA and Nutrition Coaching Package (3 Months): £725.  Book here. 

(Includes 7 consultations and 1 x Comprehensive myDNAHealth Test).

Six Month Nutrition Coaching Package

If you’re looking for someone to guide you through the process of transforming your diet, then this package is ideal.  Perhaps you have a lot of weight to lose and you need someone to help you along that journey to stay motivated, on track and accountable.  Perhaps you recognise that your diet is very poor, and you’ve never really been shown how to eat well or prepare healthy meals.

This package includes an initial consultation, plus 10 ongoing coaching sessions with me.

Package Price 6 Month Nutrition Coaching Package:  Includes 11 sessions (1 x 90 mins, 6 x 30 mins, 4 x 15 mins) (payable before your coaching begins)

£720.  Book here. 

Support between appointments:

I have structured my coaching packages so that you shouldn’t need support between consultations.  However, if something is urgent or you have a quick query, I may be able to answer brief questions by phone or email between consultations, but this does depend on my schedule and availability.  I will do my best to answer your queries, however if I feel your question is not urgent and can wait until your next appointment, I will let you know.

I may set you “homework” to do between appointments, which you can send to me between consultations via email.  I may send you some comments back, however it may be that I want to review something with you at your next consultation.

Nutrition in the workplace corporate programmesGroup Programmes

I am also able to offer corporate packages, public talks and group programmes and events. Please contact me with your specific needs.

For more information about my services, to book an appointment, or to discuss how nutritional therapy can help you personally, please contact me:

The Orange Grove Clinic Reception: 01603 631900

Direct Mobile:  07703 050504

You can also purchase one of my nutrition coaching packages here.

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