Help your children live longer and healthier lives…

Every parent wants their child to have a long and healthy life, and you could help them live to 100, or beyond with my new online children’s nutrition course – How to Help Your Kids Live to 100!

As a mother of two, family nutrition is a subect very close to my heart. So I’ve poured my passion, knowledge and years of experience on children’s nutrition, into my latest online course.

It’s designed for parents to help their children make healthier choices for a longer life.

So, ask yourself…

• Are you stuck for new ways to influence your child’s eating habits?
• Are you pained by the arguments that ensue when mealtimes come around?
• Are you in need of new inspiration for ways to hide the nutritional elements in your cooking?
• Or simply do you feel you lack the knowledge and know-how about what your children need in their diets on a daily basis?

If yes, then this course is definitely for you…

Here’s a sneak peek…

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“My son was diagnosed with IBS and his painful constipation was really affecting his social life. Catherine gave us a programme that continues to make such a positive impact on his life. With Catherine’s help my son is so much better and can at last lead a normal teenage life.”

As parents, YOU have an amazing opportunity… The power to be able to shape your child’s future health… everything from how likely they are to get diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, to how long they actually might live.

Plus you can also affect how well they do at school and whether they achieve a career path they can thrive on. You can affect all of this simply through the food you put on their plates today.Is this really true? Can food really have such an impact on our children’s futures?

Yes it can! Even before you conceived your beautiful bundle of joy, what you and your partner ate could have influenced the health of your children, and even your grandchildren! Isn’t that amazing, and almost magical!

As well as being an experienced fully trained expert who’s worked with over 1000 clients of all ages, Catherine is also a mum of two. So knows how hard it is when your children just refuse to eat anything with goodness.

But don’t worry…. As well as teaching you the foundations of good nutrition, the “why” you need to do this… this straight-forward online course will also show you the “how”. And all in the comfort of your own home!

“So today we made your Chocolate Broccoli Muffins and Ben’s verdict was ‘They are better than McDonald’s muffins’!” 

What’s included in this course?

• Over 20 video & audio modules
• In-depth nutritional advice on everything from brain food, managing stress and getting their 5 a day
• Instant, forever access
• Downloadable recipes & resources
• Private Facebook group for support and tips from myself and other parents

This course is designed for parents who have toddlers to teens and beyond… It’s packed with simple recipes made from ingredients you probably already have in your cupboards. Plus you’ll get loads of tips along the way to help the whole family, whatever their ages. It’s never too late to start!

Are you ready to Help Your Children Live to 100?

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