Are you getting the best from your teams? 

All too often, I hear from my hundreds of clients how stress, low energy, digestive problems such as IBS and other illnesses can affect performance at work and lead to increased staff absenteeism.  As a business, we know this can cost you money.

To help combat these problems, I can develop and implement a bespoke series of programmes to help improve your employee health and productivity whilst maintaining their busy schedules. This in turn can lead to decreased staff absence, empower productivity and efficiency and enable stress management.

Bespoke group workshops

After an initial fact finding mission to assess your specific needs, your programme of workshops will be designed to focus on providing the appropriate nutritional and dietary advice to break the cycle of negative nutritional habits and patterns within the workplace.

Nutrition in the workplace corporate programmesFor example, consumption of large quantities of caffeine and sugar often lead to short bursts of energy highs, which are quickly followed by extreme lows, resulting in inconsistent outputs from employees. Alternatively, you may have a high proportion of staff with an unhealthy body mass index, and wish to support them with an in-house weight loss programme.

Providing employees with the practical tools to improve their dietary choices, lifestyle and in turn well-being, will help to break those unhealthy cycles and maintain better health in a fast moving work-place.

Positive changes to employees’ nutritional health can lead to:

  • Enhanced mood and energy levels
  • Improved immune system health
  • More focus and concentration
  • Weight loss
  • A reduction in IBS symptoms

One to one nutrition coaching

I offer on-site nutritional coaching with employees, where I will develop an individual plan unique to that staff member’s needs. These consultations are ideal for employees under high stress, those you would like to support with strategies to enhance productivity, or those with ongoing illnesses affecting their employment, such as IBS, low energy, continual colds and infections and those with a high BMI.

Catering improvements

If the company canteen could do with a health audit, I can carry out a review of existing menus and advise on areas where healthy and affordable alternatives could be offered to enhance the entire organisation’s nutrient intake.

Health & wellness stand

Healthy food tastings can also be arranged in the staff canteen where I can be available to answer any questions about nutrition. Overall, the aim is to raise awareness of healthy food that may not have otherwise been considered or tried.

For more information on Nutrition in the Workplace and your company’s requirements and a quote please get in touch.

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