Catherine Jeans Nutritional TherapistI firmly believe that the right food can do amazing things for us.  I’ve seen it so many times with the clients I’ve worked with, and my own family. 

Getting the right diet to suit you requires expert guidance.  Sometimes you might need clinical health tests to assess your specific needs and find out what’s going on inside your body.  You’ll then need the right support to help you achieve the right diet and motivation to keep on track long term.

Whatever way you work with me – whether it’s one of my coaching packages, an online group programme (coming soon!) or one of my ecourses, my aim is to help you:

  • Understand why your body is out of balance and the tools to regain control of your health
  • The ability to achieve optimum health and wellbeing and improve resistance to illness and disease
  • Find the right nutritional programme that suits your food preferences, lifestyle and health needs
  • The option to take a range of clinical health tests to assess your health and discover more about the underlying causes of your health conditions

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