Health Begins in the Gut

What is your digestive system trying to tell you?

Your health and well-being depend greatly upon the health of your digestive system. Yet the stresses of modern life and a poor diet can really take their toll on your digestive tract.

So many of my clients come to me suffering with digestive complaints, from IBS to indigestion, diarrhoea to bloating.  With some simple dietary changes and supplement support to suit their individual needs, they are able to find relief from their symptoms, many of which they’ve been experiencing for a number of years.

Do you suffer from the following conditions? Then nutritional therapy could be ideal for you:


Irritable bowel syndrome has such a wide variety of symptoms, from constipation to diarrhoea, depression to nausea.  If you are suffering with IBS or suspect you may have some of the symptoms of this syndrome, I can provide you with an individual, tailor-made nutritional programme to help provide relief for your symptoms, help you understand why your digestive problems are occurring and give you a long-term programme to address your specific needs

Constipation or diarrhoea

Simple dietary changes and sometimes supplement support can be very effective for long-term relief of both these common conditions.

Food Allergies

Do you suspect that certain foods don’t agree with you?  Maybe you are confused about which foods to eliminate and don’t know how to find alternative foods?  Many people suffer from food intolerances or allergies and these can cause a number of symptoms around the body, including lethargy, skin complaints, mood swings, sinus problems, joint pain and even learning difficulties, alongside digestive problems.  I can help you to discover which foods may be contributing to your symptoms, through the use of elimination diets or food allergy testing.

Crohns, ulcerative colitis, coeliac disease

Research demonstrates that nutrition plays a large role in these conditions.  I can help you to analyse your diet and nutrient needs, to come up with a tailor-made programme to suit your specific health issues.


Feeling full, bloated and uncomfortable can really have a negative impact on your well-being and self confidence. Through nutrition coaching, I can provide you with an individual nutritional programme could really help you to regain control of your digestive system and find relief from the bloating.  You might also like to try my 30 Day Sugar Detox ecourse, which can help to reduce the fermentation which can be an underlying cause of bloating.

Whatever your digestive condition, please send me an email or call 01603 631900 to book your nutrition coaching package.

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